Saturday, April 2, 2016

                                                               CALL FOR ENTRIES 

Woodstock Film Festival
Like Woodstock itself, the festival has been described as a filmmakers' retreat; a gathering place where emerging and veteran filmmakers, industry and talent all come together with the sophisticated Woodstock Film Festival audience. With no class system separating the ultra successful from those starting out, all experience film, workshops, parties and hefty networking in NY's beautiful Hudson Valley mountains. The festival presents a broad range of films -- shorts, docs, narratives, political, gender aware, as well as just plain entertaining. This being Woodstock though, with its rich music history and a vibrant, contemporary music scene, there is always a strong music component. The festival's Focus on Music program features live concerts and films about music and musicians, along with a star-studded panel led by BMI's Doreen Ringer Ross.

The Woodstock Film Festival's programmers look for fresh new voices that exhibit passion, vision and soul in their storytelling. Programmers are looking for works that explores human emotions, with compelling and unique stories. Excellence in acting, editing and directing are always a factor, as is the quirky side of life. Woodstock Film Festival audiences love films that make you laugh, cry, empathize, look beyond your comfort zone, and inspire viewers to make the world a better place.

It is always best to look at our past programming to see if your film could be a good fit. We look for unique, passionate voices, so as you do your research, take our programming trends into consideration. Then please do submit, we would love to see your work! We always seek new talented filmmakers and look to support emerging, exciting new voices, as much as those who are more established.

College students can expect to participate in a high quality film festival where they will be treated just like all other attending filmmakers. Here they can easily mingle with some of the top professionals in the field, potentially launching their careers. Separately, as part of our Youth Initiative, we encourage high school students from all over the world to submit their short films. A screening of the selected films by high school students, as well as our Career Day, which brings together area high school students with industry professionals, make up the Youth Initiative Day at the festival.

Other special programs include the Spotlight on Women in Film & Mediathe LGBTQ FocusExposure, and World Cinema.

The SPOTLIGHT ON WOMEN IN FILM & MEDIA celebrates the achievements by women in an area where women are still under represented. Along with films directed by women (narratives and documentaries), the Spotlight presents an annual Women in Film Panel, a reception celebrating the works of women filmmakers attending the festival, and presents the annual Tangerine Juice Award to an outstanding female director. The LGBTQ FOCUS gives voice to LGBTQ filmmakers and concerns with an exciting slate of films and special guests. EXPOSURE features panels and thought-provoking international films that emphasize social, political and environmental concerns. The purpose of Exposure is to heighten audience awareness, stimulate dialogue and, whenever possible, find some positive resolution. WORLD CINEMA embraces the global spirit and brings to its fold outstanding films and filmmakers from many cultures, religions and nations, culminating with the World Cinema Competition award.

April 11, 2016 - Earlybird Deadline

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