Thursday, November 24, 2016

Berlin Independent Film Festival | Seeking Low to No-Budget Films

Berlin - Germany
February 9 to 15, 2017

The 8th Annual Berlin Independent Film Festival (BIFF), showcasing a broad spectrum of emerging talents while celebrating the gritty and glorious thrills of independent screenwriting and filmmaking. BIFF not only understands and appreciates the challenges faced by independent filmmakers, it works to position their wares effectively in a complex and daunting global marketplace. At BIFF, filmmakers don't need big budgets and savvy PR knowledge -- they just need great material.

As a key gathering point for the international film industry, BIFF shines a bright and powerful spotlight on new talents, creative discovery, and innovative filmmaking. Throughout its 11-day run, the festival bursts with exciting networking opportunities with agents, distributors, and other experts primed to accelerate creative careers. Visitors are encouraged to take advantage not only of the festival's countless offerings, but also of the robust artistic community that keeps Berlin buzzing.

Screenplays, short films, and feature-length narratives are embraced with equal enthusiasm at BIFF. There's even a competitive category exclusive to female filmmakers, striving to give talented women a leg up in an all-too-male dominated industry. Micro-budget, low-budget, and no-budget filmmaking make up the three-sided centerpiece. BIFF keeps its focus squarely where it belongs: great stories and the people who craft them.

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December 2, 2016 - Late Deadline

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BIFF screens an interesting motley of films each year, recent examples include Christian Suhr's Descending with Angels, highlighting Danish Muslims possessed by jinns; and Berton Pierce's Adventurados, following two down-on-their-luck space shuttle pilots as they fly a last mission from the Moon to Earth before retiring.

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