Monday, October 3, 2016

Official Call for Entries! | Cinequest Film & VR Festival

San Jose, California - USA
February 28 to March 12, 2017

In the Spotlight today is the 27th Annual Cinequest Film & VR Festival, lauded by Chris Gore's Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide as "one that sets the trends and is actually ahead of the trends" and named by USA TODAY readers as the Best Film Festival. This year's festival drew more than 100,000 film lovers, introducing them to 128 World and U.S. film premieres. At Cinequest, filmmakers, screenwriters and new media artists connect with engaged fans and take their work to new levels, and numerous Cinequest premiere films have garnered widespread distribution and elevated career success for their artists.

Last year, the Festival proudly produced and screened Cinequest Screenplay Competition Winner Stacie Shellner's Mr. Invincible using Barco Escape's new three-screen format-bringing a thrilling new cinematic experience to audiences. Unique viewing experiences are the norm at Cinequest as new technologies are embraced and propelled by the event. This year will present electrifying how-to workshops and world-leading presentations of virtual reality.

As an Academy-qualifying festival for short-form categories, Cinequest proudly honors the winners of its Best Short Narrative and Best Short Animation prizes with a shot at Oscar gold. Additionally, Cinequest's most prestigious accolade, the Maverick Spirit Award recognizes bold, visionary, and creative forces. Past Maverick Spirit guest recipients include Rosario Dawson, Harrison Ford, Neil Gaiman, J.J. Abrams, Gus Van Sant, Kevin Spacey, Spike Lee, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Sir Ian McKellen.

Submissions to the festival are evaluated in an exciting array of competitive categories, including the Dramatic Feature Competition (for international voices and personal visions), New Visions (for adventurous artists dedicated to redefining their respective crafts), Global Landscapes (for films that dare to explore new terrains, cultures, and regions), the Student Short Film Competition and the new Virtual Reality Competition. Feature narratives, documentaries, short films, and virtual reality are all welcomed at Cinequest. All told, Cinequest is a beloved feast of premier films and VR, emerging artists, technological innovators, and more.

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October 14, 2016 - Regular Deadline

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A vanguard organization set in the Silicon Valley, Cinequest's uniqueness and impact result from being ahead of the curve in the powerful integration of creativity and technology. Cinequest fuses the world of the filmed arts with that of Silicon Valley's innovation to empower youth, artists and innovators to create and connect - driving transformations and a better tomorrow. Cinequest does this through the Cinequest Film Festival and Cinequest Mavericks Studio.

Each filmmaker who attends Cinequest is a VIP and receives an all-access pass to which gives them access to a 13-day event with 300+ screenings and events and 100,000+ attendees experiencing the work of over 700 artists, innovators, and professionals representing 50 countries. Set in the home of the world's most influential media technology companies (Apple, Cisco, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, LinkedIn, etc.), Cinequest showcases premier films, renowned and emerging artists, and breakthrough technology empowering global connectivity between creators, innovators and audiences.

Filmmakers of all career levels, high school and college students included, are invited to submit to Cinequest Film Festival. Qualify your project today!

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