Monday, October 24, 2016

Meet Pankaj Tripathi at today’s ‘Mango Dreams’ screening!

18th Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival
October 20 - 27, 2016
Discovering India section

Winner of the Special Jury Award for Bridging Cultures—Arizona International Film Festival 2016
Mango Dreams
USA, 2016, 93 min, English

followed by Q&A
with director, producer, editor John Upchurch and festival curator Uma da Cunha

 October 25, Tuesday, PVR Phoenix - Audi 2, 2:55 pm

Attending screening and available for interviews
Director John Upchurch, Actors Riju Bajaj, Ram Gopal Bajaj
Samir Kochhar, Pankaj Tripathi, Nouman Ahsan (DOP), Sunil Kaushik (music director)

On realising that he has dementia, Amit, an elderly medical practitioner, longs to return to his childhood home.  In order to attain some peace of mind, he feels the need to confront the memories that have haunted him. Unwilling to be placed in an old age home, he runs away and encounters Salim, a good-natured rickshaw driver, who offers to drive the doctor anywhere to repay the debt for saving his son’s life. Along the way, Amit and Salim forge an unforgettable friendship and help each other. Both have suffered in some ways when India was divided into two. A journey that has undercurrents of the horror of the partition and the communal disharmony it gave birth to, culminates at the Indo-Pak border with a surprise reunion. The stellar cast has the revered film academic Ram Gopal Bajaj in the lead role alongside Pankaj Tripathi, and Naseeruddin Shah in a guest appearance.

"Although Mango Dreams is my first feature film, I have been working to become a storyteller my whole life. I was born and raised in rural America, a farming town in North Carolina. Growing up, the best entertainment could be found at the feet of local storytellers—my grandparents, thefarmers at the hardware store, my barber. I was surrounded by great storytellers. Their stories were engaging, made me laugh, but more importantly, made me think. Today, I still look up to the storytellers of my childhood. I love how theysparked my imagination, opened my mind to new ideas, and encouraged me to care and to feel more deeply. I grew up wanting to touch people the same way the storytellers of my childhood touched me. I started out by sharing and passing down their stories. Then, I began to create stories of my own. I learned early that a good story does more than entertain. A good story provokes thought between laughter, promotes healing between tears, transmits a message of hope. In short, a good story should enlighten as it entertains. The greatest thing I can ever hope to do in this life is tell a good story."

- John Upchurch

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