Saturday, October 22, 2016

John Upchurch's heart-clenching 'Mango Dreams' at Jio MAMI!

A tale of hope with the tragic undercurrent of the partition
Mango Dreams has touched audiences everywhere it has screened 

Catch its India Premiere at

18th Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival
October 20 - 27, 2016
Discovering India section

Winner of the Special Jury Award for Bridging Cultures—Arizona International Film Festival 2016
Mango Dreams
USA, 2016, 93 min, English

followed by Q&A
with director, producer, editor John Upchurch and festival curator Uma da Cunha

Sunday, October 23, PVR Phoenix - Audi 3, 2.00 pm 

2nd Screening October 25, Tuesday, PVR Phoenix - Audi 2, 2:55 pm

Attending screening and available for interviews
Director John Upchurch, Actors Riju Bajaj, Naseeruddin Shah, Ram Gopal Bajaj
Samir Kochhar, Pankaj Tripathi, Nouman Ahsan (DOP), Sunil Kaushik (music director)

Cathy Varvaris, Osho News

"Sometimes a film transports you to somewhere else for a few minutes of entertainment and sometimes a film has the power to move your heart and change your mind; forever imprinting it's message on your heart. This is a must see film! Thank you for this important work.”

Note from director of the CEBU International Film Festival

"After much deliberation, the 6-member jury decided to give your film Mango Dreams a special jury prize that we call the Humanity Award. Your film was moving to several of the jurors, and one juror in particular refused to leave the proceedings until your film was given recognition. And because your film covers so many diverse topics—family, religion, politics, aging, geographical boundaries, history and so forth—the only way to encompass all these concepts was to say that this film does a service to all humanity." 

Note from the festival director of the Arizona International Film Festival

"It was a very successful screening. I was at the exit doors when the crowd came out and most of them were teary-eyed. You were missed in person but I think you connected with the spirit of the film."

Notes from the Cleveland International Film Festival jury

"It really did feel like a journey across India, it felt like as an audience we were able to catch a glimpse and really see what it is like there, almost as if this were a documentary. The film itself was really well done, and in a country with such a complicated history it was really neat to see such a unique and personal touch."
" was a really great adventure and a great story about family and friendship."
" really came across like it was shot with a guerrilla style methodology. This is so drastically different than most movies and it made the film pull you in and make you a part of every scene. Everything looked legitimate and whoever was leading the costume department for the film deserves an award."
"Mango Dreams was a good, solid film about something that's important to all of us: Life and forgiveness for oneself and those that have trespassed against us. Given its depth and importance, it's also a film worth a repeat viewing."

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