Wednesday, July 6, 2016

If your film aims to improve the world, COMMFFEST will see it. Submit your work today!

Toronto, Ontario - Canada
October 11 to 16, 2016

July 7, 2016 - Late Deadline

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the 11th Annual COMMFFEST Global Community Film Festival, brings communities together in the heart of Old Town Toronto for social empowerment. A festival dedicated to inclusion, COMMFFEST welcomes films of all genres, including interfaith films, student films, children's films, animation, and cinéma vérité. Welcoming a unique blend of film, filmmakers and audiences creates a dynamic atmosphere to provoke thought and stimulate further understanding and exploration of ideas, attitudes, and emotions that can foster change - starting with the communities in which we live.

Exhibiting filmmakers will receive gift packages, restaurant certificates, and invitations to unforgettable networking and social engagements throughout the run of the festival. Each year, COMMFFEST presents its "Making a Difference Awards" to filmmakers whose work champions social good and community enrichment. Whether young or old, seasoned or just beginning, cinematic storytellers are welcomed into COMMFFEST with open arms and with equal opportunities to engage and inspire audiences from across the planet.

Festival alum Behzad Sedghi shares, "For me, COMMFFEST has been where my films have finally reached their maturity by connecting through the big screen with their audience. It is this connection that is essential for any artistic endeavor. As this may be the case with most other festivals, however, in my direct experience with COMMFFEST I clearly felt that each artist was given special attention, a chance to have a dialogue about their creation and ultimately was embraced in a celebration of their achievement."

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COMMFFEST's mission is to advance education by raising the cultural, artistic and aesthetic expression of the community and to advance the public's appreciation of the arts through related artistic workshops and panel discussions, while promoting the works of filmmakers and artists alike.

Filmmakers that screen at COMMFFEST will have the great opportunity of meeting young cinema fans that will likely be their biggest champions. Through COMMFFEST's local educational engagement program, over 1,000 children from local schools now enthusiastically enjoy the festival experience as part of their annual curriculum.


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