Friday, April 22, 2016

Looking for Film Grants for your documentary?

Upcoming Film Grants for Documentaries 
to bring your story to life 

For filmmakers around the world, this massive film funding resource
shows you the documentary grants by upcoming deadlines. Apply with
ease by just clicking on the links for more information on each grant.

Resolution Filmmakers Student Grant                       1 May
It’s our goal to help bring your creative vision to fruition. This is a student grant.
We will accept applications from the following: USA – High School Students, USA
 – University Students – Associates | BA | BFA and International High School or University Students.
Women In Film / Netflix Finishing Fund                         16 June
The Women In Film Foundation’s Film Finishing Fund (WIFF FFF) supports films by,
for or about women by providing cash grants of up to $15,000 and in-kind services.
The Roy Dean Grant/From the Heart Productions Grant                          30 June
The Roy Dean Summer Grant includes over $30k of in-kind services and products is
open for shorts, docs, and features films with a budget under $500,000. We fund compelling
stories about little known subjects, historical films, and films that touch hearts.
Mirroring the mission of our foundation and themes covered in our still photography grants,
we invite documentary film makers around the globe to share their human interest stories
and submit their “Short-Short” documentary film projects highlighting human unrest,
forgotten communities, war, famine, poverty, religious persecution, politial oppression, 
forced migration, and social issues and injustices. around the world. 
The Independent Filmmaker Project                                        1 December
IFP’s Fiscal Sponsorship program focuses exclusively on documentary films and other works
of nonfiction, short films and low-budget fiction/narrative features (50 minutes+).
The National Film Board’s mandate is to reflect Canadian values and perspectives through
 the production and distribution of innovative Canadian audiovisual works accessible in 
relevant media of today.
Panavision’s New Filmmaker Program                                          9 January
Panavision® believes in helping students and beginning filmmakers achieve their dreams.
To Raise Film Funding from Grants and Investors, 
you always needa Film Business Plan,
see what it includes at

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