Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Leena Yadav on her film PARCHED

Click here to listen to an invigorating chat over French Television with Leena Yadav, director of PARCHED. She joins Paris based film critics Lisa Nesselson and Eve Jackson in the "France 24" TV  studio to talk about her exploration of misogyny in rural India in "Parched", which is followed by Tom Hiddleston in social surrealist movie "Highrise" and Tamara Erde’s documentary on the contrast between Israeli and Palestinian schools in "This is my Land".

"France 24" is a channel that presents a weekly Culture show (Monday to Friday) called "Encore!"  Every  Wednesday -- when movies are released in France -- Lisa Nesselson  is on to do a cinema-themed show.

PARCHED  won the Audience Award at the Los Angeles Indian Film Festival and has had a flurry of  festival openings after it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last year. 

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