Saturday, February 20, 2016

Berlinale 2016

Crystal Bears
Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk 
(The Children’s Charity of Germany) Award

in Generation Kplus

The members of the Children’s Jury
in Generation Kplus  …

Fabian Behrendt, Mathilda Fastabend, Felix Fuentes-Hare, Julian Leisle, Lilia Channary, Noack Mette, Maren Schmahl, Fritzi Schneider-Reuter, Moritz Süßenbach, Sophie Tischmann, Tamino Köhne, Irma Weiche …

gave the  Crystal Bear for the Best Film


Ottaal (The Trap)

by Jayaraj Rajasekharan Nair
India 2015

This exceptional movie touched us all with its irresistible images of nature, laid-back music and amazingly gifted actors. The unique way of filming certain details blew us away. We think it’s important that such a sad and serious topic be tackled in a movie, though the film also managed to capture the humour and joy of life ...

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