Saturday, July 25, 2015

Congratulations, Ruchika Oberoi!

                  Official Selection,  2015 Venice Film Days!
                          Ruchika Oberoi’s  Island City

12th  edition of VENICE DAYS 
September 2 to 12, 2015
Held in conjunction with the 72nd Venice International Film Festival

Ruchika Oberoi's  debut work "Island City" is one among the 11 official feature films to be screened at 2015 Venice Days festival. This will be the film's world premiere.  "Island City"
is produced by the National Film Development Corporation India and stars Vinay Pathak,  Amruta Subhash  and Tannishtha Chatterjee. 

‘Island City’ is a collection of three tenuously connected stories dealing with themes of industrialization, urbanization and alienation in Mumbai. The first is a black-comic tale of an office drone who wins the office ‘Fun Committee’ award which forces him to go on an absurd fun spree. The second is the story of how the domineering head of a family suddenly goes into a coma and how the family slowly begins to replace their oppressive son/husband/father with an extremely seductive TV soap opera character. The third talks about the impossibility of love in a mechanical world. The film seeks to grapple with issues of what it means to be human in a world that is built at an industrial scale.


Directed by Giorgio Gosetti, under the presidency of Roberto Barzanti, Venice Days brings the faces of independent film around the world to the Lido each year, while cultivating an ongoing dialogue and a focus on the frontiers of filmmaking today, in a spirit which certainly goes well beyond that of a mere "showcase" of glittering premieres.

This year there are  20 films, 15 countries, 8 first films, 18 world premieres, 8 women filmmakers; a world-class director such as Carlos Saura; the Nobel-Prize-winning author Orhan Pamuk and the founder of the Odin Teatret, Eugenio Barba, both of whom will take the stage for two of our special events. Then there's the Palme d'or winner Laurent Cantet, chairing the jury; the muse of the French New Wave, Agnès Varda, central to the Women's Tales series produced by Miu Miu; along with film stars Luis Tosar, Miranda Otto, Sam Neill, Paul Ducet, Suzanne Clément, Riccardo Scamarcio, Alba Rohrwacher, Celia Rowlson Hall.

Eleven films will be in the running for the Venice Days Award, with its cash prize of ?20,000 to be split equally between the filmmaker and the international distributor of the winning film. The winner will be selected during an open session of the jury chaired by Laurent Cantet.  These films will also be eligible for the BNL People´s Choice Award promoted by BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas, while all the first films premiering at Venice Days are eligible for the Lion of the Future Luigi De Laurentiis Award for Best Debut Film at the Venice Film Festival.
In addition, the European films in our official selection will be vying for the Label Europa Cinemas prize assigned by a jury comprised of member exhibitors. Lastly, the jury of FEDEORA film critics will assign its own prizes for best film and best debut filmmaker.

Venice Days -promoted by ANAC and 100autori, in agreement with the 72. Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica della Biennale di Venezia.Main Sponsors: Direzione Cinema del Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, BNL Gruppo BNP ParibasCreative Partner: Miu Miu.Partners: SIAE, SubTi, Lux Prize of the European Parliament.Technical Partners: Frame by Frame, I-Club, L'Eco della Stampa, Europa Cinemas, Cinecittà News, Cineuropa                

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Chicago International Film Festival's INTERCOM Call for Entries
The Chicago International Film Festival's International Communications Video & Interactive Media Competition (known as INTERCOM), now in its 51st year, is accepting entries in the following categories: Corporate Sponsored and Non-Theatrical Films, Educational Videos, Business Communications and Interactive Productions. Deadline for entries is August 28, 2015. Full details are at 

For over five decades, the Chicago International Film Festival has been committed to recognizing and honoring the world's most exciting films and the artists behind them. That commitment doesn't stop at theatrically released films.

"INTERCOM is a champion of educational and industrial films. There's an incredible amount of talent to be found in these productions," says Competitions Coordinator Sam Flancher. "INTERCOM is so vital because it seeks out the exceptional talent and craftsmanship being poured into the communications field."

Chicago has a rich history as an innovative leader in the production of non-theatrical sponsored films - from Wilding Pictures to Kling Studios & Fred Niles Communications to today. INTERCOM honors the hard work of the talented creative industry and recognizes the importance of media arts in the .

Each year the Festival assemble panels of distinguished media professionals to judge our competitive categories. The top awards will be presented at the Awards Night Gala of the 51st Chicago International Film Festival and select winners from the competition screen during "Best of INTERCOM" as part of the Festival's "Best of the Fest" programming. Be recognized. Enter your work today.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Buffalo Niagara International Film FestivalCall For Entries
A Look At The Present and What's Coming - Including Comic-Con Day - April 13-17, 2016

Buffalo Niagara Film Festival
   About Buffalo Niagara Film Festival
The BNFF is the largest and most prestigious film festival in Western New York. It is a filmmaker's festival. A festival hosted by filmmakers and screenwriters for filmmakers and screenwriters...In a region that loves the arts and has produced many famous industry icons both behind the camera, on the screen, and abroad.

The BNFF is committed to providing opportunities to fellow filmmakers and all others in bringing cinematographic arts and other related entertainment products to Western New York through high-profile community events, talent, productions and films from around the country and the world.

We offer and bring unique events like no other, including the BNFF "Walk Of Fame" Trail Of The Stars, special events tailored around BNFF partner and renowned artist Philip Burke, and much more...  

Buffalo Niagara Film Festival
3840 E. Robinson Rd., Ste 166
Amherst, 14228
(716) 693-0912

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Winner of the 12th Indian Film Festival 2015


The film Court is a courtroom drama about an ageing poet accused of having driven a man to suicide with his lyrics, but it also follows the involved parties into their everyday lives. It’s a feature film with an authentic portrayal of courtroom proceedings as well as the lifeworlds of characters depicted in an interesting and artistic manner. The film subtly draws our attention to the power of language as it is used in poetry and its limits in the legal context. It also reflects about the freedom of expression which is not only threatened by the state or the legal system but also by self-appointed guardians of culture. Though it is set in the specific local reality of contemporary Mumbai, the film is thus also about a globally relevant issue. 


The only nine minute long documentary 'Newborns' by Megha Ramaswamy deals in a powerful manner with fears of the victims of acid attacks. The jury emphasises, „The synergy of the distortion of the faces and the beauty of the poetry does not gloss over but documents vigour“. The film gives an insight view into the inner conditions of the protoganists - both in private as well as in public space. 'Newborns' does not withhold that fear is ever-present, nor does it downplay the persistent pain and the distortion.


India's Daughter


The Director’s Vision Award is given to the Marathi film “The Silence” by Gajendra Ahire for his courageous portrayal of a universal subject - the abuse of the girl child and of women. Set in Maharashtra, in its rural areas as well as its urban cities, the film takes into account the progress of women´s emancipation fighting for their independence and rightful place in society.

RINGAN / THE QUEST - honourable mention 
The Director’s Vision Award bestows a Honourable Mention to the Marathi film “The Quest” (Ringan) by Makarand Mane for its inspiring story of the value of love, truth and honesty, told through the struggle of an impoverished farmer and his rebellious little son’s yearning for a lost mother.


Safar’s delicate approach treating difficult social realities and inflexible structures; the spare yet playful manner in which it deals with power and class relationships; the deceptive ordinariness of its plot, which in turn allows for visual poetry and creates space for strong performances, made the film the winner of this year’s festival. The jury admired the filmmaker’s subtle examination of social codes as she builds up a powerful story that is refreshingly free of bombast. The understated narrative was glued together by a haunting track by Tajdar Junaid. 

KAMAKSHI - honourable mention 
The jury was also highly impressed by Kamaskhi, a unique, uncanny film with tremendous visual span, which investigates both character and ecological conditions. The filmmaker displays a deep understanding of the cinematic language as he uses large swathes of barren geography as a powerful backdrop to locate the unfolding of a significant human drama. In this surrealist depiction of an ancient myth, which also glances into current and future water scarcity, the filmmaker unifies portraiture with landscape creating extraordinary tonality and texture.  Sound of bells tied to sheep,  a water filled boat, a woman being pulled out of a freshly dug up well, all create haunting imagery that lingers in the minds of the viewers well after watching the film.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Festember - Rolling Reels Film Festival - August 15 and 16, 2015

Deadline extended to 22nd July 
Send in your film at and win prizes worth INR 70,000.
Each entry will receive a detailed review from the judges and also a certificate.
For any more information, contact
For more info, contact Kaushal +919952204638