Thursday, October 15, 2015

KNN Award (Audience Award) to India's "Radiopetti"

                                        Congratulations, Hari Viswanath ...
                                           Winner, KNN Audience Award
                                 2015 Busan International Film Festival 

“Radiopetti” (Radio Set) the debut feature film by H Viswanath had its world premiere at 2015 BIFF.  It won BIFF's  KNN Audience Award  given to the film that garnered the most acclaim in the New Currents section. The KNN Foundation awards 20,000 USD to the winner.

Written and directed by  Hari Viswanath "Radiopetti" follows the endearing old man Arunachalam, who finds solace in his past, especially when listening to musical melodies of his younger days on his vintage radio set. The melodies are etched in his mind, along with his vintage Radio petti (a 1950s radio set) gifted by his father. He loves his family but the music from that radio provides added bliss. But events lead to the loss of his Radio petti. He hears the music all the same despite its absence. He feels truly blessed. Family and friends think otherwise, saying  “He is definitely crazy!”. They do not understand or appreciate his love for music. Then Arunachalam  faces a crisis. His dearest family member’s life is in danger, threatening his already beset life. He must choose between his family and his music, and be bereft of one  or the other forever. He is torn between the two, debating whether he himself will survive the sacrifice he is forced to make.

1978-born Hari Viswanath is an engineer turned filmmaker from Chennai, India. His passion for filmmaking blossomed while accompanying his father to theatre performances, which crystallized his vision and also the choice of his vocation. Inspired by real life incidents, he wrote and directed his debut short film "Idukkan" (Sufferings, 2012), which won the Best Short Film award in the 2013  Norway Tamil Film Festival, followed by his second short "Pesum Virus" (Talking Virus, 2013). 

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