Monday, September 7, 2015

Public Service Broadcasting Trust 
The 15th Open Frame Film Festival and Forum, 2015
September 15 to 22, 2015, India International Centre, New Delhi,

The 15th Open Frame Film Festival and Forum, 2015,  is held in collaboration 
with the India International Centre, New Delhi, Doordarshan and External Publicity
 and Public Diplomacy Division, Ministry of External Affairs.

This  15th edition of PSBT’s Open Frame Film Festival and Forum is about diversity -
of people, stories, ideas, narratives, histories, identities, world views and perspectives. 
Scheduled between  it will showcase films that explore and uphold these pluralities of 
being and becoming. Reflecting on the idea of DIVERSE PEOPLE, DIVERSE STORIES, 
it will screen films on a variety of themes produced over the last year – those that 
document, narrate, follow, investigate, represent, challenge, advocate, affirm, empower, 
unsettle and sometimes disturb.

Each section of the festival will focus attention on specific themes: stories of human 
endeavour, innovation, enterprise and transformation; the nostalgia of traditions and 
practices we have come to forget and diminish; perspectives on care and unlearning;
the dilemmas of belonging and holding on to old traditions in the face of fast changing 
contexts; understanding and exploring difference by employing newer ways of looking 
that destabilise narrow, limiting discourses; looking back at homes and lives that once 
were; the creation of subcultures that allow individual and collective expression; the 
iconic work of artists and their unique journeys; resisting homogenising forces and 
ideologies and efforts towards creating other, better and more equal worlds.

There will also be special sections at the Festival. BEING WOMEN, WRITING 
WOMEN will bring alive the rich legacy of Indian women’s literature, followed by 
a conversation among writers about women’s lives, conflicts, labours and loves, then
 and now. Speakers include Annie Zaidi, Arpita Das, Maitreyi Pushpa and Syeda 
 deeply personal films that look back at events, lives, memories and violence. Through
 the films and the discussion after, the films deal with critical questions of how history
 is created, why some narratives get privileged over others, the idea of justice and closure, 
pain, memorialisation, erasure, the role of the state, collective conscience and the dangers
 of forgetting. Speakers include Harsh Mander, Siddharth Varadarajan, Uma Chakravarti,
Uzma Falak Mehraj and Vani Subramanian.

Founded in 2000 as an embryonic initiative to empower independent documentary 
filmmakers and to create a space for free, pluralistic and democratic public service 
broadcasting in India, the Public Service Broadcasting Trust completes 15 years in 2015!
 This unique endevour, starting with the production of a handful of films, has today 
emerged as the largest producer of documentaries in the country, having supported, 
mentored and nurtured over 400 independent voices and created over 650 documentary
 films on myriad themes and subjects. In the process, our Films have travelled to over 
800 film festivals worldwide and won more than 200 Awards.  PSBT’s innovative 
model for developing a shared public culture of broadcasting focused on diversity, 
accuracy, impartiality and access to marginalised audiences, has been globally recognised
 by UNESCO as a best practice. PSBT received the annual Asian Media Information and
Communication Centre Award in Media and Communication Advancement and Innovation 
in 2012, for its outstanding contribution to the advancement of independent documentary filmmaking. 

Glimpses of some of PSBT films are available here:

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