Saturday, July 4, 2015

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Ansuman Chakrabortty's short film E Taxi
wins Best Director-Jury Award,
5th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival, New Delhi

Eminent Film Scholar and Writer Fr. Gaston Roberge
said about the film ...

The moment you begin to absorb the elements of this film, sight and sound, you get the strong impression that you are going to see, not a small film, even though it is a short film of 15 min, 37 sec. You are going to see a great film.

My overall impression is that I am greatly fascinated by this 15 minute film. I was impressed by the visual aspect along with the sound track. Both were very skillfully made. They created an atmosphere of greatness, on a very high level, giving the impression that something important and great was happening ...

Director Ansuman Chakrabortty

Ei...Taxi..! (A Call to Kill) Director, Screenplay Ansuman Chakrabortty2014, 15 min, digital, Bengali

Producer Ranbir Kaur, Prateek D Sharma DOP Srijit Basu Editor Sandip Kumar Das Music Suman Chakraborty, Sandip Kumar Das Sound Ayan Chakraborty Production Company PR Production, AG 104, Unit No-G-6, Sector-2, Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700091, West Bengal, India

Set dead of night in Kolkata, this psychological thriller follows a stubborn, middle-aged, intoxicated taxi-driver. He regularly cheats his customers on late night extra fares. When a mysterious young lady hails his taxi, his troubles begin. He finds a dead woman in the back seat left by a scheming passenger. Afraid, he covers up the situation - but his approach to the supernatural changes forever.

Ansuman Chakrabortty took his BSc from Calcutta University in 1998 and joined Chitrabani Studio to study cinema. He then spent three years as an Executive Producer in ETV Network before setting out to be an Independent filmmaker/script writer. He has directed several shorts/documentaries for the Government, NGOs and others. He also teaches Media Marketing and Film Promotion at MBA Institutions.
Short Film Corner is where independent short filmmakers like me can interact with various distributors. SFC provides the ideal venue for me to pitch my film to buyers and also my future projects.

"E Taxi" was also selected for 2015 Cannes 2015 Short Film Corner
Short film Corner Instituted in 2004 by the Festival de Cannes, the Short Film Corner (SFC) is the essential rendezvous, networking
venue for short and documentary filmmakers to screen their films and take decisive steps for their future careers.
The Short Film Corner offers each filmmaker a tailor-made programme of industry meets, workshops and conferences that deal with strategic issues. The filmmakers benefit from all the advantages of being an accredited attendee, from being able to access the Marché du Film exhibitors or those in the Village International. They also are able to network with all the biggest industry players: institutions, financiers and the most important international reps in the film

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