Wednesday, March 18, 2015

International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg

October 9 to 24, 2015. extending to 16 days to give to view the expanded programme. 
Deadline for submission of films is June 8, 2015. 

“New Creators Award” for serial dramas by newcomers.
 Film producer Nico Hofmann is supporting the search for sponsors for the prize.

With a worldwide reputation as a forum for the discovery of new directorial talent in arthouse cinema, the International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg is establishing a new competition for creative, intelligent serial dramas by highly talented newcomers. “What the young writer-directors are in the world of film, here in the world of creative television and online series, you have the creators in the dual role of author and producer”, says Festival Director Dr. Michael Kötz. And continues: “We would like to start discovering also in this field the best serial drama start-ups from around the world – also those from smaller countries and not yet successful producers.”

The new serial drama competition will present brand-new – not yet broadcast – series in all lengths and formats, which meet a high level of quality. The Festival could get Torsten Zarges - a renowned media journalist - on board as a curator and consultant. “I’m very pleased about this expansion. If you continue to only focus on pure cinema in this day and age, you are not really doing film art full justice. We have to add a touch of intelligent sensuality to this new world of images – with all our passion and know-how”, noted Festival Director Dr. Kötz.

By once again increasing its attendance figures this past November, the Filmfestival is still going strong. Praised in the film industry around the world for its high quality programme selection, the Festival is taking these steps to adapt to the future of the world of film.

Furthermore, the International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg is also planning to endow its “New Creators Award Mannheim-Heidelberg” for serial dramas; as well the “Grand Newcomer Award Mannheim-Heidelberg” for the best newcomer film with a substantial cash prize. Discussions with sponsors and donors are underway. As the renowned German film and television producer Nico Hofmann appreciates the festival and the profile, he has volunteered to work on the acquisition of sponsors for this prize.

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