Friday, June 6, 2014

Cannes Short Film Corner


An extract from the Cannes issue of Film India Worldwide.

Some of the Short Films screened at the Short Film Corner at the recently held Cannes Festival

Dum Dum Deega Deega  (Dancing in the Rain)
Story/Director Ayush Kapur
India, 2014, 15 mins, DVD, Hindi
Director Ayush Kapur  attending May 12 to 18 
Cell +91 9819626150
Script, Dialogue  Ayush Kapur, Kabir Seth DOP Sahib Bawa Editing Irrfan Shaikh Music Himonshu Parik Cast Naman Jain, Mukesh Bhatt, Princy Sudakaran, Yusuf Hussain, Chaitnya Sharma, Parineeta Borthakur

A beggar child, Ajju, lives on the streets of Mumbai but has big aspirations. He challenges his unfortunate fate with nothing but a ‘different outlook’ towards life and the situation he faces

Ayush Kapur was raised on a staple diet of movies in the projection rooms of the cinemas owned by his father. He attended an Intensive Filmmaking Course at Central Film School, London, where he was also offered a scholarship for their Masters degree. He has been an Assistant Director on two Bollywood big-ticket productions, Game and Talaash.  Currently, he is writing a feature-length film

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to visit Cannes. To have my film selected here is very flattering


Lost & Found
Director Avi Vasu
Director Avi Vasu attending May 16 to 24 
Cell +91 9881376689

Story Himanshu Talreja, Avi Vasu Editors Pushaan Mukherjee, Rachit Mehta Music Kai Engel (Irsens Tale), Dexter Britain (Time To Run Finale), ET (Kopeika), Yusuke Tsutsumi (Mental), Waylon Thornton (Favorite Secrets) Cast Boman Irani, Kanan Chakor, Shruthy Menon, Chirag Patil, Kevin Nunes, Varun Joshi, Ruhi More, Raoji Myatra

In Mumbai, Prateek’s journey is to find himself. His father feels his son lacks potential but a  twist of fate connects Prateek with his true passion. He ends up finding many more answers than those he had bargained for

Pune-born Avinash ‘Avi’ Vasu’s debut short, Diabolus (2009), was a thriller set in the fictional language of Parseltongue. In college, he launched the production house, Rubix Cube Media, that produced over 30 films. He has made films in various languages/genres, including his gold-winning  pilot of the 2012 detective series Mak and Tosh.  In 2013, Avi moved to Mumbai to set up Erango Media, that is the producer of Lost & Found

It feels perfect not only because the film represents a common dilemma the young face today, but also somewhere tells my own story


Script/Director/ Producer
Navtej Sandhu
2013, 30.55 mins, Digital, Punjabi

Director Navtej Sandhu attending May 14 to 25 
Cell +91 9815332266
Production Sur Saanjh Productions DOP Parminder Singh Music Anuj Chaturvedi Cast Sardar Sohi, Kul Sidhu, Jaswant Jass, Gurinder Makna, Gurbinder Bhatti

Inspired from Balwant Gargi’s short story Rabbo Marasan, the film depicts incidents in the lives of Nooran, Naajar, Nihala and Nimma. They lead to a change in Nooran’s character, indicating that a woman’s heart can be won only with love and not by force

Starting as a Punjabi film music promoter in 1996, Navtej Sandhu has been organising the annual Punjabi Film Festival in Amritsar since 2007. He co-produced a Punjabi feature, Akhiyan Udeekdiyan. Nooran is his first venture as a film director/producer

To get into Cannes is a dream come true for a debutant director and a powerful boost of encouragement for my future projects


Screenplay/Direction Deepak Sharma,
2013, 24 mins, HD, Punjabi

Director Deepak Sharma
attending May 14 to  22 

DOP Arun Verma Music Milind Trivedi Sound Deepankar Sharma Editing Pallavi Singhal Cast Rohit Bhardwaj, N K Pant, Dhirendra Gupta, Aruna Shetty, Moonis Khan, Manisha Malhotra

Hardeep, now Harry,  left India five years ago for Australia on a student’s visa to earn for the family.  He returns to find that he is now a guest in his home rather than a loved and missed family member. His family have accustomed themselves to his absence and believe he will go back. Will he stay or leave?

Deepak Sharma is known for successful Indian TV shows (Kumkum, Kyunki ... Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kasamh Se, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha). He founded Vertika Films which produced his award-winning Waapasi. The film also screened at the 2013 Punjabi International Film Festival, Toronto

Cannes is a pilgrimage - not just to showcase films but to explore, learn, network and establish a wide variety of potential new industry contacts

Script/Director Srinu Pandranki
2014, 12 mins, Digital, Telugu
Director Srinu Pandranki
attending May 14 to 16
Cell +91 9966680716

Producers Sukumar Boreddy, Suresh Kanchusthambham DOP Chakradhar Rao
Editing Gopi Sindham Music Praveen Lakkaraju Cast Chaitanya Krishna, Sumalata Somu, Baby Akshara, Kumar Kanchu, S Rama Rao

The General Manager of a software company loses his expensive wrist watch gifted by his wife. He suspects each of his employees but his search fails. Incidents in his home that night make him understand the concept of object permanence and realisation about harmony of life

Hyderabad based 26-year-old Telugu filmmaker Srinu Pandranki has made over 10 short films (nominated at various international film festivals) and two music videos. The acclaim accorded to his screenplay X-Square made Srinu rewrite it as his first novel. He is looking forward to making his debut feature film

Being at Cannes is a great honour - I hope to make it to competition next year. I’m looking forward to interacting with fellow short filmmakers and watch their films


The Surreal
Script/Director Vijay Jayapal
2014, 24 mins, MOV, Tamil

Director Vijay Jayapal attending May 14 to 21
Cell +91 9841444539,

Producer N Arun Subramanian, Vijay Jayapal DOP Vanchinathan Music Shamanth Editing Shibin K Chandran  Cast Kalesh S Ramanand, Smrithi, Jayaprakash

A psychological drama about a man who, after losing his late night-shift job, begins to suffer from insomnia

An HR professional-turned-independent filmmaker, Vijay Jayapal learnt the ropes of filmmaking through his debut short made in 2013. He directed an ad  film for a Chennai-based NGO which promoted voting awareness among the young. The Surreal is his second short

What an honour to showcase my film at the Short Film Corner. I am looking forward to this huge learning experience


6 Cups Of Chai
Producer/Director Laila Khan
2014, 7 mins, DVD PAL & NTSC, Hindi

Story Antariksh Jain, Laila Khan Script,Dialogue Antariksh Jain DOP Sayak Battacharya Editing, Sound Arkav Bannerjee Cast Ved Dharmendra, Harshiv Dave, Rajkumar Kanojia Storyboard Artist: Shubham Patil

A boy, a tea-seller living and working in Mumbai's poorest of slums, Dharavi, has a simple wish - to go to school like the other children

After interning with Warner Bros as a  Production Assistant on Harry Potter And The  Prisoner Of Azkaban, Laila Khan formed her own Brainworks Picture Company. Its maiden production, Before I Was Me screened at 2009 Cannes Short Film Corner

A film screened at Cannes is a film worth watching!


Senthil Kumar Arunagiri
2014, 8:40 mins, HD_DVD, Tamil
Director Senthil Kumar Arunagiri
attending May 14 to 26 
Cell +91 9444944123, <>

DOP Dhillraj Music Hari Ganesh Sound Design Trinity Laxmi Narayanan

A 30-year-old man ready to  jump off the abandoned roof of a building is distracted by the sound of a girl weeping. Seeing that she is about to jump, he dissuades her and they leave. Again, a teenage boy at the same spot aiming to kill himself is distracted by a girl's weeping. Now, who saved who? 
Senthil Kumar Arunagiri, an industrialist who is  passionate  about filmmaking, earlier he made the documentary Mumbai City, which had more than 55,000 click rates. Life is the director's debut as a short fimmaker
As a director, I am going to Cannes to enjoy my film participate, which will encourage me to proceed with my film career