Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The appeal of Amma & Appa


ammaappa905024A heart-warming cross-cultural love story between a German girl and a South Indian boy, Amma & Appa, one of the four films in the Film India Worldwide sections at the 16th Mumbai Film Festival, was well-received by the patrons. Made by the husband-wife director duo Franziska Schönenberger and Jayakrishnan Subramanian, the documentary, that witnessed its Asian premiere here, chronicles the couple’s relationship, showcasing an insight into both the cultures through the eyes of the parents of the to-be brides and grooms.

German-born Franziska, who has worked in Mumbai as a journalist and studies documentary filmmaking at a film school in Munich, said, “Filmmaking brought us together. During my second year of filmmaking, I wanted to make a film on Indian artists in alternative music scene. I searched and found Jay. I emailed him and we met at a mall in Mumbai.”

Jay added, “Like most Indians, I also studied mechanical engineering and then went to pursue Fine Arts. I met Franziska in Mumbai and went to Germany and made this film to convince our parents.”

Already well-received in the European film circuit, Amma & Appa is brought alive by the conversations that the parents have with their children and with each other. Said Franziska, “My father-in-law feels like a small Rajinikanth, because he was present in Germany when the film was screened and now, he is recognised on the streets.”

- Krutika Behrawala (Contributing Writer for FIW)

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