Sunday, October 19, 2014

A warm welcome for Amar, Akbar and Tony

UK-based Atul Malhotra’s debut feature film Amar, Akbar & Tony, the closing film showcased under the Film India Worldwide section at the 16th Mumbai Film Festival, met with a packed house and a highly positive response. Interestingly, this screening marked the film’s World Premiere.


Rez Kempton and Atul Malhotra

With a sly take-off from the 1977 Bollywood lost-and-found comedy, Amar, Akbar, Anthony, this film is a 10-year journey of three childhood friends -- Amar, Akbar and Tony – looking for love and dealing with absurdities of life. Laced with humour (one of the lines go ‘We shifted from Punjab in India to Southall, Punjab in London’) and Bollywood hits of the 80s, the film takes a harsh turn when one of its leads is arrested for murder and also touches upon rigid social taboos that Asian communities in the UK live by.

Present at the screening were Malhotra and the film’s lead actor, Rez Kempton, who has worked in several UK-based TV series and films. Said Malhotra, “While many might make fun of Bollywood, I love watching Hindi movies and as a result, decided to use a title that is a take-off on the hit Bollywood film.” Apart from the director and actor’s friends, also present at the screening were Pitobash, who was cast in the international venture Million Dollar Arm that released earlier this year and British music composer Andrew MacKay.

- Krutika Behrawala (Contributing Writer for FIW)

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