Wednesday, March 12, 2014

38th Hong Kong International Film Festival's I(ndia section

 The 38th Hong Kong International Film Festival 

(HKIFF, March 27 to April 4)
in its India selection,
 presents three feature films and one short.

Amit Kumar’s existential thriller, Monsoon Shootout, sees rookie cop Guru chasing suspected gangster Shiva as his target. However, his conscience asks if he should kill  a man whose guilt he is uncertain of?  The film addresses his dilemma with three  different scenarios.

Richie Mehta’s Indo-Canadian feature Siddharth is about Mahendra, 
a south Delhi street vendor barely eking out a living repairing zippers who finds himself stuck in a nightmare when his 12-year-old son goes missing. 

My Name is Salt
is an Indo-Swiss feature documentary by Farida Pacha.  It follows Sanabhai for months on end as he and his family rake and tamp salt as families like them have done for hundreds of years. This documentary won the First Appearance award at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) 2013.

His New Hands
is a short film directed by Sudhanshu Saria. The consequences of Faustian success are at the heart this film, which follows two brothers as they discuss their father’s boxing legend. 

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