Wednesday, September 11, 2013

2014 Navi Mumbai International Film Festival

Entries now open for NMIFF

Late deadline 15 October

The first ever film festival of Navi Mumbai, NMIFF(Navi Mumbai International Film Festival) is founded with the idea to showcase the talent & creativity of filmmakers under the sky of this beautiful city. Navi Mumbai, formerly known as New Bombay, has lived for a long time in the shadows of her neighbour city, Mumbai – THE HOME OF BOLLYWOOD. With the inaugural NMIFF in 2013, film-makers now have a reputable film festival that will give a global exposure to their creativity and innovative ideas while film-goers have a repository of fine movies of different taste & calibers from across the globe, to enjoy .

Navi Mumbai is a beautifully planned satellite city to Mumbai. Slowly, but steadily, her profile has grown in India owing to some of the most breathtaking natural and infrastructural marvels. The organizers of Navi Mumbai International Film Festival hope to put Navi Mumbai on the international map with the quality of the event and films showcased in it.

The festival is open to film makers from across the globe, and appreciates all genres of film making. The festival is scheduled to happen in the month of  February  2014.This is a competetive festival of films where the best films will be shortlisted for various categories. The winners will be selected by a panel of esteemed jury members and awarded with cash prizes and trophies.

NMIFF is a competitive festival with Cash awards & Trophies for best film in each type in all 3 categories.

Film Categories:
a) Student shorts:
Type of film
 Short Films:- Duration should be 30 minutes or less.
 Ad Film:- Duration should be 1 minutes less.
 Animation short Film:- Duration should be 30 minutes or less.
 Documentry short film:- Duration should be 30 minutes or less.
 Social Awareness Film:- Duration should be 30 minutes or less.
 Music Video:- Duration should be 5 minutes or less.

 b) Professional Shorts:
Type of film
Short Films:-Duration should be 30 minutes or less.
Ad Film:- Duration should be 1 minutes less.
Animation short Film:- Duration should be 30 minutes or less.
Documentry short film:- Duration should be 30 minutes or less.
Social Awareness Film:- Duration should be 30 minutes or less.
Music Video:- Duration should be 5 minutes or less.

 c) Feature Films: - Duration should be 90 minutes or more.
Participants can send multiple entries. However, please submit a separate submission form and entry fee for each film. All entries being sent to the NMIFF must be prepaid and insured for your own protection and addressed to :

Flat 301,Cams Enclave CHS,Killa Gaothan,Palm Beach Road,
Near Cidco Guest House,Belapur,Navi Mumbai-400614, Maharashtra, India
Tel:+91-22-27715002, MOB:+91-9892695080

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rose, Mary and Time

United Kingdom, 2013, 35 mins, HD, English
Direction, script Hardeep Giani, editor Tracy Joss; sound Jason Farey; cameraDavid Symmons; music Nick Norton-Smith; cast Zak Lee, Isla Lindsay, Bhasker Patel; producer Soff Productions

Barney regrets proposing to Sandra on learning that his first love is killed that very day. While repairing his clock, a mystical Indian shopkeeper enchants Barney who finds he has travelled back in time to that fateful day – he is given a second chance.

Delhi-born Giani with 12 years experience in television and film, started his career in electronic engineering and music before going to New York to study film direction. On his return to the UK, he worked with BBC and independent programme makers. His short films, The Years of Laughter and Forgetting, won Best Film at the Alwaysi Hollywood Film Festival (2000).

USA, 2013, 12 mins, HD, English
Direction Irawati Athalye
script Devashree Shivadekar; editor Gary Kainza; camera Manuel BranĂ¡a; music Matias Castro; cast Iris Avalee, Alain Azoulay, Elijah Flyod; Producer Orlando Braun

Young Mia, kidnapped while in the US, is forced into the underground world of sex trafficking. Held captive for months in an isolated dungeon with only a doll for comfort, she is raped and beaten physically and emotionally broken. One day, her only connection to the real world - her inanimate best friend, is taken away from her and she decides to fight back.

Irawati Athalye, with a BFA from Rachana Sansad College of Applied Arts and Crafts, Mumbai (majoring in Photography) worked for a year as a freelance photographer and designer for artists and design firms in Mumbai and Los Angeles. She was sent to compete on an intensive cinematography course at Vikshi Institue of Media Studies, Pune. She is now an MFA graduate from the New York Film Academy, Los Angeles. Irawati Athalye works as an independent filmmaker.

Foot in the Door 

Canada, 2013, 7 mins, HD, English
Direction, script, sound, editing Vikram Dhawan
camera P Parth Sayani; cast Noel Robinson, Doug Leoni, Sara Miller; 

In this debut film, Daniel, a thief by trade, meets Julie, a prostitute, in a bar. While Daniel is at ease with his occupation, Julie craves to leave hers. Their meeting opens up new possibilities.

Widely travelled Vikram Dhawan settled in Toronto in 2000. He enrolled at both the Cinema Studies Programme at the University of Toronto and Advanced Television and Film Programme at Sheridan College.

Little Brother 

Canada, 2012, 16 mins, HD, English
Direction, script, producers, Cyrus Saidi, Gautam Pinto; editor Gautam Pinto; sound George Flores; camera Rion Gonzalez; music Azam Ali; cast Stephen Mchattie, Navid Negahban, Natale Brown; production Little Brother Productions.

This debut work is on the fictional life of a best-selling author and Nobel peace prize nominee whose determination to battle tyranny is fuelled by haunted memories of a dark past. The film challenges the status quo as we get to know the protagonist through her words, her past and her future memories.

Vancouver-based Cyrus Saidi formed his own company at the age of 19 which soon produced western Canada’s largest electronic music concerts. He then wrote his first film script optioned by prominent Los Angeles-based producers late 2012. Gautam Pinto, India-born and Toronto- based, recently completed two feature films (Unlucky and 388 Arletta Ave) as well as two episodic TV series (Combat Hospital and Highland Gardens). He is currently working as a cinematographer on a documentary television series.