Saturday, August 24, 2013

India at the 38th Toronto International Film Festival

Pan Nalins’s Faith Connections
Indian filmmaker Pan Nalin’s new documentary Faith Connections will have its world premiere at the 38th Toronto International Film Festival, which will run Seotember 5 to 15, 2013. The film is one of the 22 documentaries screening in the festival’s TIFF Docs section.

Pan Nalin’s 115-minute documentary is a peronalised, human story of the Kumbh Mela, a unique and extraordinary Hindu pilgrimage that draws tens of millions of people. It takes place once every twelve years! One such year is 2013. It takes place for about one and a half months at the Triveni Sangama, which in Hindu tradition is the “confluence” of three rivers. A bath here is said to wash away one’s sins and free one from the cycle of rebirth. The festival has an estimated four to five million pilgrims bathing on the most auspicious day. The total number of pilgrims for the entire duration of the fair is considered to be between 90 to 100 million.  Here Pan Nalin  encounters remarkable spiritually-driven  men, some among them facing a crisis in their beliefs and way of  life.
Faith Connections explores diverse and deeply moving stories, such as a young runaway kid, a Sadhu, a mother desperately looking for her lost son, a yogi who is raising an abandoned baby, and an ascetic who keeps his calm by smoking cannabis, all connecting at this sea of  humankind.

 Pan Nalin (Writer-Director)
 Raphael Berdugo (Producer)
 Gaurav Dhingra (Producer)
 Virginie Lacombe (Co-producer)
 International sales agent: Cité Films, France

Writer / Director
India born Pan Nalin now lives n Paris. His career started with the TV series Wagle Ki Duniya in association with India's legendary cartoonist R K Laxman and reached global limelight with his debut feature film Samskara. Nalin, a self-taught filmmaker, was born in a remote village in Gujarat. He made several short films and documentaries before venturing into feature films. Nalin's feature documentary Ayurveda: Art of Being has also won many awards and was theatrically released worldwide. Nalin's epic Valley Of Flowers was filmed in remote, high altitude Himalayas and in Japan.

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