Monday, May 27, 2013

Films made outside of India having an India connection at the Cannes Short Film Corner

_DOO3766Long Walk Home

United Kingdom, 2013,1 5 mins, HD, English

Direction, script Sameer Patel; sound Jassim Jaffer; camera Caroline Bridges; music Jean-Phillipe Rio-Py; editor Mikko Makela; cast Sikander Malik, Augustina Seymour, Alex Corbet-Burcher; Production London Film School

This dark romantic comedy is on Thomas and Freya, a young couple from London. One night they walk back home rather than take a taxi. In that time they realise the very different secrets that they have been keeping from one another. London-based Sameer Patel, an Economics major from the London School of Economics, left his job to pursue filmmaking. A graduate of the London Film School, he is a BAFTA competition winner for his film She Want Soul which premiered at the Latitude Festival 2012. His debut film was a documentary on the Cuban Hip Hop scene. He is also a professional DJ.


IMG_1711Table for Three

USA, 2012, 8 mins, HD, English

Direction, script, editor Vick Krishn; camera P K Quin Paek; sound Joel McMullen; cast Brian Mac Ian, Altorro Prince Black, Allison Howard; producer Nakshathram Productions, JMD Creations, Vicki Yung

Three individuals, a sophisticated older man, a sultry young woman and a nervous young man seated at an upscale restaurant start talking about a suspicious plot. As they converse, their individual intentions emerge. Twenty-four-year-old Vick Krishna is based in Washington DC. His interest in film began when he worked for his high school’s television section. While enacting small roles as an extra in local films, Krishna learnt the nuances behind the camera and also picked up editing. He is currently working as a video/sound editor for a radio company. He says, “It is an absolute honour to be a part of the prestigious Cannes Festival. I see this as an encouragement to continue creating films to share with the world and a sense of responsibility to do quality work."


AwkwardTurtleAwkard Turtle

United Kingdom, 2013, 5 mins, HD, English

Direction, editor Jai Rajani; script David Proud; sound Andrew Foster; camera Tim Watchorn; music Manon, Bobby Dave and Nio; cast Jack Shalloo, Jessie May; producer The Sketch Bank

When Dan bumps into his former lover Becky, it is a classic awkward turtle moment. On such occasions, two conversations occur concurrently: the one we can hear and the one hidden behind the eyes. London-based Jai studied writing/direction with the Metropolitan Film School, Soho Young Writers and Tamasha Theatre. He has directed music videos and co-written songs for film soundtracks, including Bashment, winner of a BIFFA for Best Music. His comedic speedy first play:, was held at multiple new writing festivals. The Sketch Bank, Jai's online comedy channel, won a YouTube comedy honour and a finalist position in Comedy Spots, a competition hosted by Channel Flip. He says, “It's rewarding to know that my film will play at the Short Film Corner.”


7RW_PIC_17 Reasons Why

United Kingdom, 2012, 7 mins, HD, English

Direction, script, editor Gurmit Samra; music, sound Simon Doherty; camera Ajay Chag; cast James Foggerty, Mai Partridge, Leon Heywood; Producer Branded G Productions

The film perceives a short journey through the eyes of Mike, who pursues his dreams and aspirations. We share Mike's daily thoughts, drive and determination. The more we learn about him, the more we learn about ourselves. London-based Gurmit Samra’s career began in creative arts by scripting plays for theatre in the East Midlands, UK. On graduating, Samra lectured on film and TV production at both, university and college. Branded G Productions, his production company has showcased music videos for Urban acts for MTV and Sky music channels. Further productions include a 90-minute documentary and a feature film set for 2013/2014. He says, “As well as networking, Cannes is a great platform to learn about the personalities behind the business, behind the creativity.”


VTS_01_1 Frame - 71559Rose, Mary and Time

United Kingdom, 2013, 35 mins, HD, English

Direction, script Hardeep Giani; editor Tracy Joss; sound Jason Farey; camera David Symmons; music Nick Norton-Smith; cast Zak Lee, Isla Lindsay, Bhasker Patel; producer Soff Productions

Barney regrets proposing to Sandra on learning that his first love is killed that very day. While repairing his clock, a mystical Indian shopkeeper enchants Barney who finds he has travelled back in time to that fateful day – he is given a second chance. Delhi-born Giani with 12 years experience in television and film, started his career in electronic engineering and music before going to New York to study film direction. On his return to the UK, he worked with BBC and independent programme makers. His short films, The Years of Laughter and Forgetting, won Best Film at the Alwaysi Hollywood Film Festival (2000). He says, “Cannes is the prime showcase for film, so it is important to have a presence here and to promote it also.”



USA, 2013, 12 mins, HD, English

Direction Irawati Athalye; script Devashree Shivadekar; editor Gary Kainza; camera Manuel BranĂ¡a; music Matias Castro; cast Iris Avalee, Alain Azoulay, Elijah Flyod; Producer Orlando Braun

Young Mia, kidnapped while in the US, is forced into the underground world of sex trafficking. Held captive for months in an isolated dungeon with only a doll for comfort, she is raped and beaten physically and emotionally broken. One day, her only connection to the real world - her inanimate best friend, is taken away from her and she decides to fight back. Irawati Athalye, with a BFA from Rachana Sansad College of Applied Arts and Crafts, Mumbai (majoring in Photography) worked for a year as a freelance photographer and designer for artists and design firms in Mumbai and Los Angeles. She was sent to compete on an intensive cinematography course at Vikshi Institue of Media Studies, Pune. She is now an MFA graduate from the New York Film Academy, Los Angeles. Irawati Athalye works as an independent filmmaker. She says, “With 725 at Cannes 2013 and India as their guest country this year, it’s such an honour for me as I always blend American and Indian flavours in any creative project I get myself into.”


FilmStill2-Julie.underneath.bridgeFoot in the Door

Canada, 2013, 7 mins, HD, English

Direction, script, sound, editing Vikram Dhawan; camera P Parth Sayani; cast Noel Robinson, Doug Leoni, Sara Miller;

In this debut film, Daniel, a thief by trade, meets Julie, a prostitute, in a bar. While Daniel is at ease with his occupation, Julie craves to leave hers. Their meeting opens up new possibilities. Widely travelled Vikram Dhawan settled in Toronto in 2000. He enrolled at both the Cinema Studies Programme at the University of Toronto and Advanced Television and Film Programme at Sheridan College. Vikram Dhawan says, “Being at the Short Film Corner gives a chance for my characters to find the eyes of lovers of cinema.”


little-brother-film-stills_natalieLittle Brother

Canada, 2012, 16 mins, HD, English

Direction, script, producers, Cyrus Saidi, Gautam Pinto; editor Gautam Pinto; sound George Flores; camera Rion Gonzalez; music Azam Ali; cast Stephen Mchattie, Navid Negahban, Natale Brown; production Little Brother Productions

This debut work is on the fictional life of a best-selling author and Nobel peace prize nominee whose determination to battle tyranny is fuelled by haunted memories of a dark past. The film challenges the status quo as we get to know the protagonist through her words, her past and her future memories. Vancouver-based Cyrus Saidi formed his own company at the age of 19 which soon produced western Canada’s largest electronic music concerts. He then wrote his first film script optioned by prominent Los Angeles-based producers late 2012. Gautam Pinto, India-born and Toronto- based, recently completed two feature films (Unlucky and 388 Arletta Ave) as well as two episodic TV series (Combat Hospital and Highland Gardens). He is currently working as a cinematographer on a documentary television series. He says, “It is a great honour and privilege to be included in the Short Film Corner, where so many other great films from around the globe are on display.”


The Good Samaritan Alice

USA, 2012, 10 mins, HD, English

Direction, script Marian Yeager; editor Jon Lindgren; sound Gopal Bidari; camera Stefani Spandau; music Brian Satterwhite; cast Mikaela Krantz, Jason Newman, Natalie Durkin; production My Productions LLC

After spotting Alice dumpster diving, Nick offers her a part in his newest con game: The Good Samaritan. The result is a surprising turn of events that Nick won’t soon forget. Never judge a diver by the dumpster. Award-winning writer-director from Austin, Texas, Marian Yeager’s films have screened extensively, from LA Shorts Fest to the Ashville Film Festival. Marian co-founded MY Productions with her sister and partner, Elizabeth Yeager. They are currently in development on her first feature film based on The Good Samaritan (which won the Best Director Award at Big Easy Film Festival). She says, “It’s a fantastic honour to participate in the festival with so many other talented artists. I hope to be back at Cannes with other films and continue to make an impact on the industry and global culture.”



USA, 2012, 13 mins, HD, English

Direction, script Victoria Garza; producer Hoimi Bandyopadhyay; camera Himanshu Dubey; sound Jose Goriti; cast Valerie Johnston, Mary Linehan, Ryan Daley, Jim Jones

An addict to narcotics, Valerie plans an abortion at home and convinces her boyfriend Jim to conduct it. Under the influence of hallucinating drugs, the duo sees the foetus as a gemstone and decides to make a business out of it.

Victoria Garza, a graphics design graduate from Torreon, Mexico, then studied film at the New York Film Academy. Her short film Zip Me Up on a bride trying to escape on her wedding day, has the same individual style as Stoned. Currently pursuing a Masters in Interactive Arts, Garza is particularly interested in trans-media storytelling. She says, “Someone told me one day if you do it right, something good will happen. While not always true, my film being at Cannes means sometimes it is.” DOP Himanshu Dubey adds, “It makes me excited, thrilled and proud to be part of the Short Film Corner. I thank Victoria for trusting in me when I was at my youngest in this craft.”


The Word Trader

USA, 2013, 20 mins, HD, English

Direction Salvatore D’Alia; script Shome Banerjee; camera Kastumi Funahashi; executive producer Roni Mazumdar;

music Ranjit Arapurkal; cast Roni Mazumdar, Irma Sandrey, Mauricio Bustamante

Lester Harrigan is a man with a curious disorder. He can “see" into the tangle of words that animate the universe. Employing this skill as a travelling salesman, he chances upon one word that has been erased from all existence. Roni Mazumdar, lead actor/executive producer, says, “Growing up in India, I had only heard the word ‘Cannes' during the nightly news on a tiny television set. Ecstatic is an understatement! Your journey as an artist truly begins once you reach Cannes."


Yaadon_Ki_Baraat_FinOut_1 (0-00-11-09)

India, 2013, 6 mins, HD, Hindi

Direction, script Ashwin Nag; camera Yadsv Naveen; editor Rakesh Erukulla; music Aman Mahajan; cast Hridin Reddy, Sandhya Raju, Nikhil Chowdhary

Exploring the magic that music can weave, Akshay, a lover of RD Burman’s songs, invokes the master's power to transport his family to a world without trouble, just as his mother had promised. Ashwin Nag, a trained filmmaker, studied film at Oxford as well as the University of Southern California. He assisted film director/screenwriter Kammula for three years, and is presently working on a script. He says, “Getting selected for the Short Film Corner is cool, but our main goal is to enter the Feature Film category at Cannes 2014."


Finding Manjushri

Direction Dolma Gunther; camera Alastair Donnelley; music Nicolette Boaz; producer Happy Dance Productions

Almost 20 years ago, the Bhutanese director Khyentse Norbu (The Cup and Travellers and Magicians) told Dolma Gunther the true story upon which the film is based. Finally, years later, armed with a script, a camera and a lot of ingenuity, Finding Manjushri was produced over four months on a shoe-string budget in the Himalayas. Dolma Gunther is a qualified anthropologist and editor. She has lived in India in Tibetan refugee settlements for a number of years, has studied Tibetan and worked as a translator. A few years ago she realised her lifelong dream to make films when she found herself in India, with cinematographer Alastair Donnelley. She says, “We would love our little film to be viewed by a wider, critical audience. We are eager to meet other creative people who are dedicated to fostering an alternative voice and vision through the art of global cinema. We also wish to generate interest in our next project which will be a feature length documentary about a modern “crazy yogi" in India."