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Films made outside of India having an India connection at the Cannes Short Film Corner

undeuxtroisquatre_Spolier_001Un Deux Trois Quatre

France, 2013, 18 mins, HD, French

Direction, script Kartik Singh'; camera Gregory Rodriguez; editor Karen Cerutti; music Denis Volte; cast Philippe Ohrel, Azuki, Vincent Demoury, Aline Huber

Although Frank’s wife needs to be put in a home, he has a desperate plan to circumvent it, which will either cure her illness or leave him scarred.

Paris-based Kartik Singh intended to be a diplomat. While pursuing a B A in Economics and International Studies, Singh took up acting and film classes and enrolled at a cinema programme in Sorbonne. His first short film Saving Mom and Dad screened in over 100 festivals, winning over 16 awards. Un Deux Trios Quatre is his first foray in French cinema. He says, “Cannes is where audiences first discovered Pather Panchali. To be featured on the same stage is an immense privilege."


Shifting Sands 2Shifting Sands

India/UAE, 2013, 29 mins, HD, Konkani

Direction Sonia Filinto; camera Gautam Deva; editor Shibish K Chandran; music Brenton Alfonso; producer Sonia Filinto and Shaista Baig Productions

On the life of the fishing community in a popular tourist village in Goa, the film aims to give voice to community members, how they perceive themselves, their trade and the constantly changing life around them.

Dubai-based Sonia Filinto, with a Masters in Communication Studies from Pune University, has worked in Mumbai and Dubai in documentary production and non-fiction programming. Shifting Sands has been filmed in her home state, Goa. She wishes to tell stories of Goan people to the world. Sonia Filinto says, “My film tells the universal story of the uncertainty that the traditional fishing community is going through in Goa. What better place to showcase this story than at Cannes. I’m looking forward to it.”


Karma_currencyKarma Currency

India, 2013, 17 mins, HD, Malayalam

Direction, script, editor, camera Vinod Bharathan;  music A J Michael; cast Vinay Forrt, Ahamed Shaheen, Rone David Raj

A sequel to the short Karma Code, this film sees two policemen confronting two rich kids who are driving without a licence. The senior officer lets them off on an easy bribe. The incidents that follow affect each one of them.

Vinod Bharathan, award-winning Indian filmmaker, is based in Copenhagen. His short Limbo, shot on an iPhone, won Best Film at Indie Fone Fest, USA. His earlier short Karma Code, made in India, screened at the Short Film Corner. He is working on his first feature film titled Karma Cartel. He says, “Although one can learn a lot from the Internet, being at Cannes gives you the real deal on how to prepare your project so as to target the global audience and monetize from it.”



India/USA, 2012, 20 mins, HD, Hindi

Direction, script, sound, production Arpita Kumar; camera Premanand Bhagiratan; editor Rashi Bose, Arpita Kumar; music Neelamjit Dhillon; cast Garima Bhardwaj, Alexandra Morgan, Anita Sharma, Rita and Mairaa Jhanjee

When Sita rents her womb out to a Canadian couple, she opens a legal and ethical can of worms. With everything at stake, Sita makes a choice that is both disruptive and dignified.

India-born Arpita Kumar, now based in California, holds a MFA in Film/Video from California Institute of the Arts, MA in Comparative Literature from The University of Iowa, and a BA in Film/Literature from Hampshire College. Her short experimental narratives and documentaries have screened at many film festivals. She worked on the Oscar-nominated Sundance Audience Award documentary, The Invisible War and is one of Film Independent’s 2013 Project: Involve fellows for her film, Sita. She says, “Cannes Short Film Corner will be a great platform to showcase Sita to a global audience but also to raise seminal questions about subaltern rights, the female body, and reproductive technology.”


TagorePictureA God of Sinners

India/UAE, 2012, 20 mins, HD, English

Direction, script Tagore Almeida; editor Raghu Naik; camera Arjun Sorte; music Rahul Bhatt; cast Akshay Mittal, Shashank Arora, Sandhaan Chowdhury, Salman Maqsood Khan; production The Uncultured Company.Cine Banana

Four lads on a Friday night. Time to meet women, time to get wasted. Then the world as we know it comes knocking on their door. Whatever happens, they must not let anyone in, because in no scriptures can it be said, that you and I have the right to turn the living into dead.

Dubai-based Tagore Almeida was born in Goa, India. His higher education covered Computer Studies and part-time filmmaking. He has written, directed and produced feature films and shorts that have been to festivals. A God of Sinners is his third film. He says, “Going to Cannes is the dream of any filmmaker, but representing India at Cannes and that too in the year when Cannes is celebrating 100 years of Indian Cinema is the biggest honour.”


Still 2 Dilli DreamsDilli Dreams

Germany/India, 2012, 9 mins, Hindi

Direction, script, camera, editor, production Etienne Sievers; music Carlos Bica; cast Mohammed Faizal, Ram Bihari

An aging man living in hardship in the crowded bazaars of Old Delhi reflects on his childhood spent in the countryside and the incidents there that changed his life.

Berlin-based Etienne Sievers spent his formative years in Bangalore and Delhi before moving to Germany and Portugal. After deliberations about becoming a jazz musician, he chose to channel his passions into film. He studied film in Germany and England. His next film is about a boy, a buffalo and an old man living in a coastal region in India. He says, “With India being this year’s ‘guest country’, I am especially excited that my film is a part of the Festival De Cannes 2013.”


MnA_15Mae and Ash

USA, 2013, 20 mins, HD, English

Direction, script Shuchi Talati; editor Oliver Harwood; camera Jasper Granderath; cast Kelsey McNamee, Milo Cawthorne, Natasha Sims

A young couple navigating an open relationship face problems when Mae finds Ash's date in their apartment the morning after. An awkward ‘breakfast-for-three' follows, pushing Mae and Ash's relationship over the edge.

Mumbai-born Shuchi Talati is now based in Los Angeles. While studying direction at the American Film Institute, Talati won the Bridges-Larson Production award as well as the Women in Film Endowment. Earlier, in Mumbai, Talati worked in commercials and feature films and was the core team member of a media content start-up in India, Indusgeeks. She is getting ready to shoot her first feature Guttersnipes. Talati says, “Cannes has a history of recognizing Indian filmmakers who are pushing the envelope. Screening my film at the Cannes Court M├ętrage as for some of the most discerning filmgoers in the world, is a great honour."


Faux Départ TwoFaux Depart

UK/France, 2012, 9 mins, HD, Turkish language

Director Shekhar Bassi; script Shekhar Bassi, Shalinder Bassi; camera Mateusz Golebiewski; cast Umit Ulgen, Ali Zaidi, Yonah Odoom

A one-shot film on Fahim and Haashid, friends born of necessity. Neither speaks the other’s language as they prepare for a journey to England for a better life. Haashid unexpectedly invites his girlfriend Nana to join them, which halts the preparations.

London-based Shekhar Bassi is an award-winning screenwriter/filmmaker. His first short, The Fairy Who Stole Eyes, won Huston World Fest's Gold Remi for Best Short. On obtaining his Diploma in Filmmaking and Production from Raindance, London, he freelanced with film production companies like Blowfish Entertainment. Currently, he freelances with IB Film Ltd. He says, “Being part of Cannes is being part of a great world cinema and hoping that your work garners the attention of your esteemed peers."


clay-postcard_final 2013_cannesClay

USA, 2012, 12 mins, HD, Bengali

Direction, script,editor, producer Sushma Khadepaun-Parmar; camera Bill White; music Amie Maciszewski; cast Meena Serendib, Roger Narayan

The film follows a woman through her loss, juxtaposed with images of the Indian God Ganesha (elephant-headed God) symbolizing detachment. It explores the understanding of life and death, of the form and the formless with the symbolism of Indian mythology as a backdrop.

Sushma Parmar, with a degree in Mass Communications from Mumbai, started her career as a production intern. Moving to the US in 2005, she graduated from the Director’s Programme at New York Film Academy, and started Cutting Chai Productions. Her last short film Sarathi was screened at film festivals across the world. She says, “It's an honour to be back at the Short Film Corner for a second time. Cannes is quite a humbling experience. When I meet the stalwarts at this festival, I realize that I have miles to go before I sleep.”

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Cannes Short Film Corner

Films made outside of India having an India connection

Devinder Paul Singh’s The Search

Gauri Chadha’s Gawah

Rajesh Naroth’s Flame

Andy Mukherjee’s The Invention

Kartik Singh’s Un Deux Trois Quatre

Sonia Filinto’s Shifting Sands

Vinod Bharathan’s Karma Currency

Arpita Kumar’s Sita

Tagore Almeida’s A God of Sinners

Etienne Sievers’ Dilli Dreams

Shuchi Talati’s Mae and Ash

Shekhar Bassi’s Faux Depart

Sushma Khadepaun-Parmar’s Clay

Sameer Patel’s Long Walk Home

Vick Krishna’s Table for Three

Jai Rajani’s Awkard Turtle

Gurmit Samra’s 7 Reasons Why

Hardeep Giani’s Rose, Mary and Time

Irawati Athalye’s 725

Vikram Dhawan's Foot in the Door

Cyrus Saidi, Gautam Pinto’s Little Brother

Marian Yeager’s The Good Samaritan

Victoria Garza’s Stoned

Salvatore D’Alia’s The Word Trader

Aniruddha Chatterjee’s Sati

Ashwin Nag’s Yaadon Ki Baraat

Dolma Gunther's Finding Manjushri


SearchPosterThe Search

Canada, 2013, 7 mins, HD, English

Direction Devinder Paul Singh; camera Kes Tagney; script Anish Pallayal; cast Li Li, Melvin Downing

When John Woods' wife sends him a distress call from the library, he rushes there to find that no one is willing to help and that the library appears to be beyond the norms of human experience.

India-born Devinder Paul Singh moved to Canada in 2003 to pursue his MBA. His debut short Take Out was inspired by Canada’s multi-culturalism. Singh, follower of Hitchcock, Kubrick and Wilde, wishes to tell stories that are emotionally satisfying and intellectually stimulating. He says, “Being in Cannes in 2011 impacted me a lot. I hope that my film being at the Short Film Corner will attract more audiences and I will learn from its feedback.”


Film Still 3Gawah

India, 2012, 22 mins, HD Hindi

Direction, script Gauri Chadha; camera Dullep Regmi, Sudip Sengupta; editor Tushar Shivan; music Adil Prashant; cast Palak Bharat Chawla, Jayesh Dhakan, Shalini Agarwal

Gawah takes the viewer into the grieving minds of victims who went through the 1947 India-Pakistan Partition, the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks of 26/11 and the 2011 serial blasts in Mumbai. The film won the Best Documentary Film Award at 2013 Bhopal International Film Festival.

Delhi-born (1986) Gauri Chadha moved to Dubai with her photographer father. She graduated from the University of Miami in Film and Theatre Studies and then enrolled at London’s Met Film School at Ealing Studios. Shuffling between Bollywood and Hollywood, Chadha has worked for films such as Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol, Gandhi of the Month and David. She has six short films, a short feature film and a documentary to her credit. She says, “It is a great honour for my film and myself to be present at Cannes. With such an international platform at your fingertips I am very excited for this experience. I feel very proud to represent India at such a prestigious festival."


A passionate momentFlame

USA, 15 mins, HD, English

Direction, screenplay, music Rajesh Naroth; editors Rajesh Naroth, Ashay Javdekar; camera Unni Raveendranathen; cast Deeghra Sahni, Tanish Chandraprakash, Priya Pillai, Sonu Bains, Neethu Abhilash

Two former lovers, Soni and Rameez have a chance meeting with each other after separating several years earlier. Soni is a divorcee and Rameez, a family man. The narrative cuts between two periods as the former couple struggles to rekindle an old flame.

Rajesh Naroth, independent filmmaker based in San Francisco, despite no training in filmmaking or music, has made several shorts, music videos and composed music for other films. Flame marks his debut in mainstream cinema. He is currently working on a feature film named 7.5 Saturn. He says, “It is a great start for the film to be premiered at the Festival. I am honoured and nervous. I hope that this gives us an opportunity to bring Flame to a much wider audience.”


shot4The Invention

UK, 2013, 13 mins, HD, English

Direction, script Andy Mukherjee; camera Mark Polazewski; producer Tushar Sapkal; cast Matheus Guimaraes, Carl Leroy

Brad, a jobless alcoholic, is also a closet homosexual. A chance encounter with Kevin, a research student, makes him face his inner desires. But the question remains on how to overcome his longings.

London-based Andy Mukherjee was raised in Nagpur, India. He has been making films since 2002. He attended a short film course in London’s Academy of Radio Film and TV. He has produced/directed many short films that have screened across UK. He is currently working on a feature film. He says, “Cannes is probably the most revered film festival in the world and I really respect it for giving a platform to not only established artistes but also newcomers like me."