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Film India Worldwide Cannes Special Issue–Short Film Corner



India, 2013, 26 mins, HD, Malayalam

Direction, script Dr Thomas Mathai; camera Dr Sreeraj N , Sandeep Nair; editor Dr Sreeraj N; music Vivian Varghese; producer Dr Sreeraj N, Dr Thomas Mathai; cast Ashirvad Madhusoodanan, Reshma Malayath

Alfie and her new lover travel to a remote waterfall in the woods where she falls asleep and has a bizarre and horrific dream. The surreal film is structured uniquely to simulate a dream experience immersed in Freudian eroticism. Kerala-based Thomas Mathai, as a student of the Medical College, Trivandrum, began the production of Alfie with his colleague Dr Sreeraj N. The idea for the film came to Mathai when he was a house surgeon. Lacking any experience in the field, the duo completed the film with help from a friend, Sandeep Nair. Dr Thomas Mathai says, “For us, being at Cannes is a unique occasion to showcase our kind of cinema to the world and have opportunities to interact with filmmakers from all around the world.”


film still2Prisoners of Moon

India, 2013, 14 mins, HD, Hindi

Direction, camera, editor, sound Tushar Waghela; script Priyanka Waghela, Tushar Waghela; music Sagardas Manikpuri; cast Shubhagnil Singh, Manindar Singh

A separation between lovers. One is a painter who wants to be a monk. That decision and what could be the reason for it sends the other into deep shock. The story is about love that never dies.

Tushar Waghela, self-taught visual artist/filmmaker, with a Masters in Philosophy from Pt Ravi Shankar University, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, has showcased his paintings/video art in solo and collective exhibitions in India and abroad. Over 2013, his recent video work Dandakaranya-The Jungle of Punishment screened at the 9th Berlin International Directors Lounge, the 2nd Motion International Festival Cyprus and at the 5th International Video Art Festival, Camagüey. He commutes between Mumbai and Chhattisgarh. Waghela says, “Cannes Short Film Corner will be a good direct or indirect help for my future film projects."


Baby Box - Still 2Baby Box

India, 2013, 15 mins, HD, Kannada

Direction, script, editor, production Jayaprakash P Koroth; camera Vishnu Prasad; music Ellwyn Joshua; cast Narmta Dhar, Padmaja Nagarur, Malati Sardeshpande, Aji Manoly, Baby Yakshika

In a remote South Indian village, a mother is caught red-handed by two nuns while attempting at night to abandon her new born in an orphanage. When the wardens advise the woman to care for her baby by herself, she grabs the baby and vanishes into darkness. Regretting their denial of help, a nun goes in search of the mother and child.

Bangalore-based Jayaprakash P Koroth (originally from Kerala) is an engineer by trade and a filmmaker at heart. Baby Box is his second short film. His debut, My Mamma’s Milk (2011), screened at nine international film festivals winning three major awards. He says, “I believe the Short Film Corner is the right platform to share my film with the world. I thank the festival for giving me the opportunity.”


screenshots 122B or Not 2B

India, 2012, 15 mins, HD, English

Direction, script, editing Samvida Nanda; camera Kabra Shivani; music, sound Levin Saurabh; cast Akash Raman, Nayanika Sharma; production Pocket Films

A man discovers a magic 2B pencil which links the animated world to his world. He draws an exact double of himself into the animated world, who then cautions him about what he is doing. When events escalate, affecting the girl he loves, he has to either relinquish his new-found power to his double or lose his girl. But who is the double?

Delhi-based Samvida Nanda graduated from Bangaore's Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology in 2011. After a two-year foundation study in Design, she specialized in Digital Video Production. She loves cinematography, photography, direction, impressionist art, writing screenplays and writing about herself in the third person. She says, “A film festival is where the veracity of perspectives come to light. Thanks to Saameer Mody of Pocket Films, I have the honour to be a fellow story-teller and present my film in prestigious Cannes.”


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(extract from the latest Film India Worldwide Cannes Special issue)

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