Saturday, January 14, 2012

Film India Worldwide screenings at NCPA, Mumbai

Film India Worldwide screenings at NCPA, Mumbai
The National Centre for Performing Arts strengthens its sweep over the sixth Art, Cinema. It will present monthly screenings under the banner Film India Worldwide, to be programmed and curated by Uma da Cunha.

The inaugural screening will be of “Delhi in a Day” directed by Prashant Nair on Friday, January 20th at 6.30 pm in the NCPA’s Little Theatre.

The director and his key cast (Kulbushan Kharbanda, Lillete Dubey, Anjali Patel) will be present for the screening which will be followed by a Q and A.

“Delhi in a Day” won the Best Film award at the September 2011 Houston Indian Film Festival. It was the opening film of Uma da Cunha’s section Film India Worldwide at the Mumbai International Film Festival in October 2011 and was selected in Competition at the 2011 Kerala International Film Festival held in December.

* This screening is open to the public – preference given to NCPA members

“Delhi in a Day”
Directed by Prashant Nair

India, 2011, 89 mins, Colour English/Hindi
Delhi in a day
Kulbushan Kharbanda and Lillete Dubey in Delhi in a Day

Delhi in a Day is a dark comedy, in English and Hindi, which looks at the life of the rich mainly through the eyes of the have-nots who serve them.

The narrative spins out of the large kitchen of the nouveau riche Ghambir family in their sprawling South Delhi house. Matters get complicated when cash disappears from a guest’s room. The servants are the suspects and are given 24 hours to replace it or else the police would be summoned.

This debut feature is by former Information Technology professional Prashant Nair, whose base is now Paris and Berlin. He has written the script and co-produced the film with Chintu Mohapatra. Eun-Ah Lee is the DOP and the music is by Mathias Duplessy.

The impressive cast includes Lillete Dubey, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Lee Williams and Victor Banerjee. It introduces Anjali Patel in the pivotal role of the household’s maid.

Prashant's earlier short film Max and Helena was screened at over 30 international festivals.

Film India Worldwide (FIW) is a quarterly as well as the title of the NCPA’s new once a month screening programme.

FIW provides a mirror held up to a globalizing Indian cinema as the world goes global It goes beyond the Indian Diaspora. It provides a platform for new talent and new stories but always works within a recognisable Indian idiom.

There are filmmakers who have left India to settle elsewhere but whose heart and art are India-centric. It also encompasses filmmakers from elsewhere who come to India’s locations and its reality expressing this through new eyes.

Many are first-time filmmakers. But content, points out view and technical proficiency make good what might otherwise have been lacking in the debut work.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Call for Entries! Bollywood and Beyond, Stuttgart

‘Bollywood and Beyond’ 2012 announces call for entries.

The 9th Bollywood and Beyond’ film festival features movies, documentaries, children’s and animated films of any length and format. The festival is one of the largest Indian film festivals in Germany and will take place from July 18th to 22nd, 2012 in Stuttgart. There will be awards for best feature (German Star of India –4,000 Euros), documentary (1,000 Euros), short film (1,000 Euros) and an audience choice award (1,000 Euros). In addition there will be the Directors Vision Award. In 2011 we had over 9,000 attendees and screened films from five countries.

The entry form is available on the ‘Bollywood and beyond’ homepage


There is no entry fee

The submission deadline is April 16th, 2012.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

58th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, 26 April - 1 May 2012

Mavericks, Mouvements, Manifestos:

Oberhausen honours the 50th anniversary of the Oberhausen Manifesto with a programme of rare films

"The old film is dead. We believe in the new one."

(Oberhausen Manifesto, 28 February 1962)

The 58th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Oberhausen Manifesto (28 February 2012) with a large-scale thematic programme entitled "Provoking Reality: Mavericks, Mouvements, Manifesto". To honour the anniversary of the Manifesto, perhaps the single most important group document in German film history, the festival has compiled a selection of films of the signatories, many of which have not been shown for decades and had to be restored expressly for the programme.

In addition, Oberhausen will look at the Manifesto in the context of its age. All over the world, people were coming together to try to change cinema at the time, often enough declaring their plans through manifestos. The festival will present five movements from five different countries which reflect the whole spectrum of efforts undertaken in those years to shake up prevailing conditions. The central question of all programmes will be what the manifestos of the past can teach us about the present-day state of art and cinema culture(s).

In 1959 the Balázs Béla Stúdió was founded in Hungary as a field for experimentation beyond the official cinema; the New American Cinema Group around Jonas Mekas, in its First Statement in summer 1961, demanded radical change in the US cinema; in April 1964 more than 80 Japanese filmmakers came together to establish the Eiga geijutsu no kai (Film Art Society) in an effort to reform documentary film from the ground up. As early as 1953, the Groupe des Trente in France published its manifesto in defence of the short film, while in the late 1950s in Sweden a cohort rallied around museum founder and curator Pontus Hultén, whose efforts to link the visual arts with experimental film are just as pertinent today as they were then.

In addition to the film programmes, the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen will organise a panel discussion about temporary affiliations between filmmakers, artists and intellectuals who make themselves heard through manifestos - and whether they're fit to face present-day challenges.

The 50th anniversary of the Oberhausen Manifesto will also be marked by the release in spring 2012 of a double DVD in the "Edition Filmmuseum" series containing around 20 works by the signatories of the Manifesto produced between 1957 to 1965. The festival will also see the presentation of a collection of essays, documents and conversations entitled "Provokation der Wirklichkeit. Das Oberhausener Manifest und die Folgen" and published by edition text + kritik (German language only).

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New York: Call for Entries!

New York International Film Festival (NYIFF)

The Longest Running Independent Film Festival in NYC and LA.


Don't Miss the Deadline: January 21st, 2012.

Dubbed by The Wall Street Journal as "THE INDEPENDENT ALTERNATIVE TO THE GRAND NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL," the NYIFF has been a major showcase for independent features, shorts, documentaries, music videos and animation in New York and Los Angeles since 1993.

The New York International Film Festival (NYIFF) in Los Angeles 2012 is now open and accepting entries (features, shorts, documentaries, music videos, animations, webisodes, TV pilots, screenplays, etc.) for our 2012 LA Festival. Festival dates: April 12th-19th, 2012.

Festival screenings will take place exclusively at Raleigh Studios located at 5300 Melrose Ave., Hollywood, CA 90038.

The Deadline for entering is January 21st, 2012. If you are mailing your submission, it must be POSTMARKED by January 21st, 2012 OR you can submit INSTANTLY online.


Please click on the blue link to download the NYIFF submission form:

New York International Film Festival Submission Form

Direct Link on Site (to access submission form):


"A Novel Romance" (Steve Guttenberg, Shannon Elizabeth) film's international rights were acquired by New Film. All of this happened right after the picture premiered as the closing-night film of the NYIFF.|News|LatestNews