Friday, October 7, 2011

Watch out for young UK actor James Floyd at the 13th Mumbai Film Festival, October 13 to 20, 2011

James Floyd
Actor James Floyd is coming to Mumbai festival to represent the film, Everywhere and Nowhere, which will hold its international premiere at the festival this year. It will screen in the Film India Worldwide section, as one of its special seven selections that illustrate the interest and appeal of India in various aspects and areas of international cinema.

James has this to share with us: "I am half Indian, I am proud to say: my mother is from Kerala".In the film Everywhere and Nowhere, James plays the role of an adolescent growing into adulthood, whose parents originally came from the Subcontinent and have now made England their home. The film is a coming-of-age story of how he deals with the two cultures that he belongs to and the conflict they create within him.

James is an acclaimed, fast -rising Anglo-Indian actor. The well known British newspaper The Independent named him 'A star-in-the-making' and another, The Guardian, profiled him in their prestigious 'First Sight' feature of April 2011. He recently starred in My Brother The Devil with Said Taghmaoui (La Haine, Three Kings, GI Joe), directed by Sally El Hosaini. Backed by Sundance, it is due for a 2012 release.

James is also the central protagonist of Everywhere& Nowhere, the film that is showcasing shortly at the Mumbai film festival, directed by Menhaj Huda (Kidulthood). The supporting cast includes names such as Art Malik, Alyy Khan and Adam Deacon.

Screen International wrote, 'Floyd gives an attractive star performance.' and Time Out described his performance in Everywhere and Nowhere as a 'career-making performance.

James's other films include Tormented (BBCFilms/Pathe/Forward Films), The Infidel (MetFilm) and ITV's huge ratings hit Compulsion in which he is teamed with Ray Winstone and Parminder Nagra. He also has a critically lauded theatre profile with starring roles in plays such as Dov & Ali and The Glass Cage.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

13th Mumbai Film Festival October 13 to 20, 2011

Film India Worldwide (FIW), presents seven select films from the world over that link with India. The Opening Film:


India / 2011 /35mm / Colour/89 mins/English-Hindi

Indian Premiere

Director Prashant Nair

This dark comedy looks at the life of the rich mainly through the large kitchen of the nouveau riche Ghambir family and their sprawling South Delhi house. The attractive young maid, her elderly father, the ingratiating cook and a house-bearer gossip incessantly about their drunken employers the morning after one of their endless parties.

Family patriarch Mukund cracks his sleazy jokes while his high society wife basks in her lifestyle. Jasper, son of a British business associate, comes to stay overnight and is quickly overwhelmed by the colourful manner in which his hosts conduct their lives. Matters get complicated when cash disappears from his room.

Producer Prashant Nair, B Chintu Mohapatra

Production Company Nomad Productions Pvt Ltd <>

Story Prashant Nair

Screenplay Prashant Nair

Director of Photography Eun-Ah Lee

Editor Sylvie Landra, Bhuvan Srinivasan

Music Mathias Duplessy

International Sales Nomad Productions Pvt Ltd., B-53 IFS APTS, Mayur Vihar Phase 1, New Delhi 110091. Tel +336. <>

Cast Lee Wiliams, Lillete Dubey, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Victor Banerjee, Anjali Patil

Chandigarh-born writer-director Prashant Nair, the son of diplomat parents, spent his childhood in Switzerland, Syria, Zambia and Austria. With an engineering degree from Purdue University, he worked in social media for 10 years, living in New York, Prague and Paris. In 2001 he founded Avedya, an European social media consultancy, and has since been based in Paris. He turned to filmmaking in 2009, attending NYU's filmmaking intensive program and obtaining post-production and editing training at Soho editors in London. This is his first feature film.


*Max & Helena (Short / 2009)

*Yes (Short / 2011)

Festivals and Awards

*Best Feature Film - Indian Film Festival Houston (USA / 09-2011)

*Palo Alto Film Festival (USA /09-2011)

*Cincinnati Film Festival (USA / 10-2011)

*Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (USA / 10-2011)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Film India Worldwide at 2011 Mumbai International Film Festival (Oct. 13 to 20)

Programmed by Uma da Cunha

Seven select films that present the global face of the cinemas of India.

Day I – Friday Oct 14, 3.30 pm at Screen I, Cinemax, Versova

Opening Film: Prashant Nair’s Delhi in A Day Attending director Prashant Nair (based in Paris) and his actors Lillette Dubey, Kulbushan Kharbanda, Anjali Patil, among others in his crew and cast

Repeat screening:  Wednesday Oct. 19 th, 12.30 noon, Big Cinema – Metro. Screen 2

Day 2 – Saturday Oct 15 th ,  5.30 pm at Screen I, Cinemax, Versova

Daniela Dar-Creutz’s Arranged Happiness (feature-length documneatry) Attending: director Daniela Dar-Creutz (based in Germany)

Repeat screening: : Monday 17 th, 10.00 am (Big Cinema,  Metro. Screen 2)

Day 3  Sunday  Oct 16,  3.45 pm at Screen 2 Cinemax. Versova

Menhaj Huda’s Everywhere and Nowhere Attending lead actor James Floyd (based in London) and Ally Khan (based London/Mumbai)

Repeat screening:  Thursday Oct 20 th , 3.30 pm (Cinemax, Sion,  Screen 1)

Day 4  Monday  Oct 17,  5.45 pm,  Screen I,  Cinemax, Versova

Sarovar Banka’s A Decent Arrangement Attending director Sarovar Banka (based in Phildaelphia), lead actor Adam Laupus Screen  2 (based in Los Angeles), Shabana Azmi,  Diskha Basu, Lethia Nall, Farid Currim, Shreya Sharma

Repeat screening Tuesday  Oct 18 th, 12.30 noon (Screen I, Cinemax, Sion )

DAY 5 Tuesday Oct 18,  3.30 pm, Screen I, Cinemax, Versova

Sandeep Mohan’s Love, Wrinkle-Free Attending director Sandeep Mohan and lead actors Ash Chandler, Shernaaz Patel, Seema Rahmani, Sohrab Ardeshir, Ashwin Mushran, Aarika Silaichia,Marianne Borgo, Theron Carmine, Tensin Dasang

Repeat screening Thursday 20 th, 12.45 pm (Screen 2, Cinemax. Sion

DAY 6 Wednesday  Oct 19, 8.15 pm, Screen 2, Cinemax, Versova

Avie Luthra’s LUCKY Attending: lead actress  Jayashree Basavra (based in Bangalore).

Repeat screening: Thurs. Oct 20 th, 3.45 pm  (Screen 4, Metro, Big Cinema)

DAY 7 Thursday Oct  20, 3.30 pm Screen 1, Cinemax, Versova. 

Closing Film:  Vimukthi Jayasundara’s Chatrak (Mushrooms) Attending lead actor Paoli Dam based in Kolkata, producer Vinod Lahoti (based in Kolkata) and director Vimuktti  Jayasundhara (based in Paris/Colombo)

Press material and interviews:

Monday, October 3, 2011

The films from India at Chicago festival’s “Spotlight South Asia”

New Directors Competition

Karan Gour’s Kshay


World Cinema

Suseendhiran’s Azhagarsamy's Horse (World Cinema)

Mangesh Hadawale’s Dekh Indian Circus

Q’s Gandu

Prashant Bhargava’s Patang


Gala Presentation

Pankaj Kapoor’s Mausam



Ashvin Kumar’s Inshallah, Football


Abhay Kumar’s Just That Sort of a Day


The other films in “Spotlight South Asia”

Short: 720 Degrees (Bangladesh)

Director: Ishtiaque Zico

Short: Bitter Lemon (Scotland)

Director: Nazmun Nakeb (from Bangladesh)

Feature film: Bol (Pakistan)

Director: Shoaib Mansoor

Feature film: Flying Fish (Sri Lanka)

Director: Sanjeewa Pushpakumara

Feature film: Karma (Sri Lanka)

Director: Prasanna Jayakody