Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spot News! Cannes’s Short Film Corner has registered eight India-related films to date!

The following films from India or related to India have been registered at the special hub in Cannes called the Short Film Corner

*Ajitesh Sharma’s Visible Bra Straps
India/Italy, 2010, 30 mins, Beta, NUM, DVD, English

*Rama Rau’s Aftermath (World Premiere)
Canada, 2011, 8 mins, HDCAm, Hindi

* Prabhaharan’s Muthuselvanayagam’s Amma (World Premiere)
India, 2011, 35 mins, HDCam

* Samir Banerjee’s Ammar Maa – My Mother
USA, 2010, 22mins, DV/DVD, Bengali

* Nayla Al Khaja’s Malal
UAE/India, 2010, 16 mins, DVD, English

*Jayan Cherian’s Shape of the Shapeless
USA/India, 2010, 30 mins, Dvcam, Beta, Num, HDCam, DVD, English

*Govind Chandran’s The Gamble
UK, 2011, 10 mins, DV, DVD, English

*Durba Sahay’s The Pen
India, 2011, 22 mins, HD Cam, Hindi

Brief outline of the Short Film Corner

Organized by the Festival de Cannes, Short Film Corner is part of a global entity, Cannes Court Métrage, focused on short films. It has become a decisive meeting point for short film professionals as well as a step for developing their careers. It provides a bustling independent work space of its own, different from Cannes Short Film Official Selection.

The Cannes Short Film Official selection is specifically only for films duration less than 15 minutes. where as Short Film Corner is open to films of 35 minutes duration.

Short Film Corner receives upto 1,700 film entries every year. Out of these, nearly 1,200 to 1,500 are selected and registered as entries that can be screened.

The Short Film Corner provides an annual, tailor-made program of industry meets, workshops and conferences that deal with strategic issues. The Participant will benefit from all the advantages of being a Festival de Cannes accredited attendee, from being able to access the Marché du Film exhibitors or those in the Village International, and be able to network with the biggest industry players: institutions, financiers and the most important international reps in the film business.

Registered entries involve a specified fee and get the following benefits:

1. The film is viewable in the Digital Film Library through the entire duration of the Festival and is accessible to all festival-goers.
2. The film is available to be viewed privately by programmers and buyers after the event.
3. The Participant is invited to take part in the various activities (workshops, conferences, get-togethers).
4. The Participant can reserve one of the 3 mini screening rooms provided in the Short Film Corner space.
5. The Participant might receive one of the specific grants awarded by bodies working in support of the short film industry.
6. The film will be referenced on www.shortfilmcorner.comand in the Catalogue du court, which is published by the Festival de Cannes.
7. The Participant will be able to strengthen networking through being granted read-only access to (the leading database for the film industry).
8. The Participant will receive two accreditations for the Festival de Cannes, intended in first priority for the director and producer of the film.

2010 Short Film Corner count:86 countries represented including 24% France, 18% USA, 15% UK…
1728 registered short films + 26500 viewings
47 viewing booths
3 mini screening rooms with 3 & 9 seats
2753 subscribers

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Call for Entries! - International Short Film Competition, 2011 Satyajit Ray Foundation | London Indian Film Festival

Call for Entries !

2011 Satyajit Ray Foundation | London Indian Film Festival
2011 Satyajit Ray Foundation | London Indian Film Festival

International Short Film Competition

The 2011 Satyajit Ray Foundation’s Short Film Competition in association with theLondon Indian Film Festival (LIFF) is now inviting submissions. We are looking for films that show imagination, creativity and reflect the cultural diversity and experiences of South Asians within their own country or the Diaspora.

All the rules & regs & submissions info is on the Satyajit Ray Foundation's
(*click on the short film competition in the menu list)

a) Films about South Asian experience (South Asian = India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan)

b) Maximum running time 20 mins

c) Submission deadline 29 April 2011 (no previous entries accepted & films should have been made within 2 years prior to the  deadline)

d) The winning film will be screened at the closing night of the London INDIAN Film Festival (12 July 2011)

e) There will be one Prize for best short film of £1,000

Satwant Gill, Head of Events & Short Film Jury | London INDIAN Film Festival (new website being updated)

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